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Welcome To Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Pen

Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Pen

Proprietors: Mr. Aditya Shah  Mr. Lalit Shah  Mr. Deepak Shah Mis. Rina Shah

Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Provides all glossaries in the pen region since, 2019. We are here last 4 years for our pen region people’s needs, comfort level, and satisfaction with good quality at affordable prices.

The first one at Pen Raigad Maharashtra a very prominent and convenient location in the city was established on 19 Nov 2019 to serve the consumers in the pen with fresh and clean groceries and a large range of household and personal care products at a very reasonable cost. It was the first of its kind supermarket to offer home delivery service as per the weight of your material Minimum 25/-rs in the city.

Since its inception Bhagwandas supermarket has been a consumer-centric brand, constantly innovating, pioneering formats, and evolving over time but always keeping consumer needs and satisfaction center-stage. We introduced Pen to the joys of suermarket shopping. What has remained unchanged for almost the Last 4 years is the trust the Bhagwandas Super Market brand evokes. To the consumer, it carries the promise of innovation, quality, and service; the confidence that they will always be able to find a Bhagwandas Super Market at a convenient location; that it will have a pleasant ambiance; and that it will offer a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Pen

we are serving a large part of the public with a variety of products for their daily needs. We are succeeded in making the name of Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company a synonym for quality.

Now groceries are also being purchased at your home. Pen’s grocery shopping store –  Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Pen

We are a grocery supermarket aiming to simplify your daily shopping experience. We bring you the same products you get in your regular supermarket and more with wholesale prices at your fingertips. Bhagwandas supermarket is e-commerce, a phone-commerce specializing in grocery home deliveries in pen

Bhagwandas Super Market intends to delight all households in India with a promise of enviable Home Delivery shopping. With a promise of trust and sincerity, we deliver every product you need to maintain your home, through our extensive and wholesome market.

Customers can refill their monthly stores, through easy onsite shopping or by placing a telephonic order, reducing their efforts and multiplying their choices. It can be anything from kitchen groceries to something for your pets, or toiletries. We believe in making life easier and Bhagwan das supermarket is the perfect place to redefine your lifestyle. With the singular goal of making your life easier, we bring all these products straight to your doorstep with super-fast deliveries. Grocery Shah Liladhar Bhagwandas And Company Pen services are also available.

Where all food groceries and beverages can be purchased on products, non-food, and groceries. You have an online shop for monthly groceries and fast groceries at your doorstep.

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How does food get to the supermarket?
Grocery stores get their produce mainly via intermediary distributors or brokers. Stores can also buy produce at auctions, directly from importers/exporters at the port of entry, or receive donations from local farms. A grocery store may purchase different products from a variety of sources
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