Authorised Stamp Vendor Pen City Verified

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I am a stamp vendor who provides all government legal service in pen city.

Authorised Stamp Vendor Pen City

Shree Habib Khot is a corporator in pen city and he is a well-known authorised stamp vendor as well. 

For the last 25 years, he is Providing all government services and maintains documents like Stamp Paper, Court Fee Ticket, Caste Certificate, Sale deeds, Leave and Lease Licence, Farmers Certificate, Heirship Certificate, 7/12 Extracts, Hearship Register, e- search, challans, Property Related Works, All types of legal services in Pen Raigad Maharashtra.

Description Of stamp vendor: Vendors sell the stamp papers to the customers because they would be sold by the Government through the stamp vendors. Generally, stamp vendor purchases stamp document from Government Treasury at a discounted price, as determined by Government, and sells them to end users at face value. The difference, thus, is that he earns is a ‘discount’ and not a commission.

Authorised Stamp Vendor Pen City

Authorised Stamp Vendor Pen City


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Girls Experience Staff

  • Address Plot No.5, First Floor, Padmavati Building, shivaji Chowk, Pen Raigad Maharashtra 402107
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